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Posted by Jim Richards, May 29, 2014


A recent development in the Retail Tobacco Industry is a company that once sold tobacco fixtures to Big Tobacco Companies, who in turn provided the fixtures for free or reduced prices, is now selling these fixtures directly to Retailers.  This has brought a flood of inexpensively built tobacco fixtures into the marketplace. 


We, at, often receive calls from Tobacco Retailers asking for price quotes on our Custom Metal Frame Fixtures in order to compare pricing with a quote they have received from this other company.  Now, don't misunderstand me. We encourage shopping comparatively and checking prices.  However, this recent development has made us take a step back and consider this question, "Are all tobacco fixtures created equal?"  Our conclusion...they are not.


Being business men and women themselves, Tobacco Retailers understand that, in the battle for lower prices, the thing that suffers most is the quality of the product.  Consider tobacco products themselves.  Why are fourth-tier cigarettes so much cheaper than premium?  Quality.  To compete solely on price manufacturers must cut corners somewhere, thus, lessening the quality of the product. The same holds true for Tobacco Fixtures and Cigarette Displays.  However, because we consider the purchase of a tobacco fixture, like our Custom Metal Frame Displays, a long-term investment and not just an equipment purchase, we, at refuse to reduce the quality of the fixtures we offer simply to compete for price.  Personally, I have always believed the saying, "Cheap work is not good.  Good work is not cheap." 


Consider this...what type of product would a company offer, who has been pressured by Big Tobacco to develop a product at the lowest cost possible so that it can be given away for free?  In order to answer that question empirically, we acquired one of those units for evaluation.  We made the following observations:

  1. Freight was unusually high.

  2. The lead time was exceptionally long.

  3. The unit came fully assembled, however, it was difficult to maneuver into our facility. 

  4. The unit was shipped on it's back and upon standing up we immediately noticed that the pusher rattled.

  5. Further inspection of the pushers revealed that the pusher and spring mechanisms were very loose, and made of thinly molded plastic and had a light gauge spring.

  6. The metal frame consisted of thin gauge metal.

Overall, the price of the unit was reflected in the quality of the unit. 


We then looked at what sets our Metal Frame Tobacco Fixtures apart. 

  1. Our metal frames are fully welded.

  2. Our pushers are made of thick molded plastic.

  3. Our springs are medium gauge.

  4. Our pushers are solid with very little "loose" side-to-side movement in the paddle and spring mechanism.

  5. Our units are very easy to move, assemble and install  (see testimonial below).

  6. Our units are very simple to adjust and customize after installation.

Although our Metal Frame Tobacco Fixtures are not the cheapest in the industry at this time, our freight rates are the lowest and our lead time for production is the fastest.  Some additional points to consider when comparing tobacco fixtures with ours:

  • Our fixtures have been field-tested for over 10 years in national chains and independents.

  • Our fixtures are currently in thousands of retail outlets, including major chains and independents.

  • Our fixtures will allow retrofitting to accommodate potential FDA regulations, new product introductions and new technology.

  • Our fixtures can be reconfigured to include OTP or expand OTP in current sets.

  • Our fixtures have been reviewed and approved for use by Altria.

  • We can manage the installation of our fixtures nationwide.

  • Our staff will work closely with you, ensuring your changing needs are addressed in areas such as signage, lighting and new product display.

  • We have been the leading online distibutor of tobacco fixtures for over 13 years and have the infrastructure in place to support your display needs for the long term with an extensive and proven replacement parts program including a 1-year limited warranty.

BOTTOM LINE: When it comes to making an INVESTMENT in a Tobacco Fixture and Merchandising System our Metal Frame Fixtures are the best total option. So, if you find yourself shopping price please consider quality, lead-time, freight costs, flexibility and the support after the sale that will provide.

Visit our website to view a full range of tobacco fixtures and cigarette displays. With the exception of custom units, all pricing is disclosed on our website and online ordering is very simple. Call us and we'll provide you with immediate pricing for all custom units.


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We recently had a customer in Punta Gorda, Florida who had previously purchased another company's tobacco fixture for one of his stores.  He was not happy with the unit, so when it came time to order a fixture for his second store he opted to purchase one of our 5' wide Custom Metal Frame Tobacco Fixtures.  However, because of the difficulty he had installing the other company's fixtures in his first store he requested that we provide him installation services along with our tobacco fixture.  We arranged for the unit to be professionally installed per his request.  However, once our fixture arrived at the his store he immediately called us to cancel the installation after realizing how simple our fixtures were to install.  He quickly installed the unit himself and called to say he was very pleased.


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